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Limited Editions of 95 hand signed and numbered Giclee prints by Dan Petersen
March Melt
Before the Falls
Roots Round Rocks
Shimmering Shoal
Alpine Anchor
Christmas Creek
Copper Creek (diptych)
Shelter Cove
Pine Cove
Peggy's Cove
Alpine in Retreat
Almost Heaven
Rest Stop
Over the Headlands
Up Jug Handle Hill
Copper Creek
Knee Deep
On A Clear Day
Autumn Glow
Yosemite Glass
Making Waves
Thru the Pines
Fly Away Home
Evening Blush
Pelican Point
Eagle's Crest
Tea Time at Tahoe
Shadow Brook
Tahoe 180°
Fallen Leaf Gorge
Low Flow
Eagle Cascades
Gold at Silver Lake
Quiet Splendor
Seaside Shadows
Evening Cascades
Coldwater Creek
Big Surf
Zephyr Cove
Wading Place
Pacific Arches
Lobos Pines
Morning Melt
Down the Lyell Fork
Kaweah Slope
Slide Pool
Before the Storm
Purple Rain
Point Lobos
Fall Flow
Afernoon Fog
Yosemite 180°
Spring Break
Round Rock Rapids
Above Dovetail Cascades
Bright Water Bend
Crystal Cascades
Through Granite Walls
Summer Summit
Storm's End
Crystal Creek
High Sierra Gold
Last Light
Sonora Summit
Sierra Sentry
Cathedral Cascades
Mirror Woods
Ring of Gold
Yosemite Reflections
Twlight at Tenaya
Sierra's Crown
Limited Edition Lithograph Set
Approaching Summer
Beside Still Waters
Blue Granite Gorge
Evening Breeze
Pride of California
Indian Summer
Highland Spring
Sierra Solace
Tahoe Tributary
Clearing on Aspen Creek
Alpine Oasis
Tuolumne Tributary
Indian Creek
Silent River
Tenaya Gorge
High Water Season
Castle Rock Rapids
Limpid Lagoon
Pacheco Pastorale
Yosemite Rapids
River Rocks

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